Thanksgiving Card 2021

Video 2: Poem "Steps Of You"

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The principal poem for Thanksgiving 2021 concerns looking back on time, particularly time that did not meet our hopes or expectations (pandemic, ahoy!). In this 3-minute video, Winter Bel discusses her creative intentions and credits the photographers who contributed this year's front covers.

The photo covers in the "Steps Of You" card

There are seven possible photo covers for this year's Thanksgiving card:

Big thanks and sanitized high-fives to Hannah Croft, Roberta Bullingham, Gerd-Rainer Horne and Birgit Tanghe for contributing their images to this year's card. (Credits and locations for each photo are set out in the video above.)

The music in the "Steps Of You" video

The piano music you hear in the photo credits sequence in the video above is "Song For America", composed and performed by Winter Bel. You can listen to the piece in full in the following music video: