Thanksgiving card 2022

Poem 'Broken Umbrellas'

Winter Bel discusses the poem

The photo covers for the 2022 card

There are ten possible photo covers for this year's Thanksgiving card:

In a nod to the street setting of 'Broken Umbrellas', all of these are images of street art in Paris or Los Angeles, my two homes. They were captured by me at some point in the last five years. I will now do my best to credit the artists, although note I couldn't always find this information, either at the scene or in my subsequent research. (Are you/can you identify an uncredited artist? Note that the titles below are ones I coined myself and so inevitably differ from how the artworks are known to their respective creators.

From top, left to right:

  • Android kiss. Artist: Christina Angelina. Location: 4th Street, Downtown Los Angeles. (Thank you to "Beckster" for help with the artist credit.)
  • Oaxaca Ingobernable. Artist: Not known. Location: 1st Street, Aliso Village, East Los Angeles.
  • Lovers rock. Artist: Alex Ali Gonzalez. Location: Arts District, Downtown Los Angeles.
  • Tipsy ladders. Artist: Not known. Location: Coulée Verte René-Dumont, Paris 12ème.
  • Steps mural. (Three images: Cyclist, girl with device, camerawoman.) Artists: Cicero and Pixo. Location: Coulée Verte René-Dumont (au niveau de le Rue de Charenton), Paris 12ème.
  • Mother and baby. Artist: Not known. Location: Paris 20ème (I think... this one is from raw memory as I've lost my notes from that day).
  • You're welcome. Artists: K. Sahli and S. Blaisdell. Location: Flower Street, on the wall of the Los Angeles Trade Technical College, Downtown Los Angeles.
  • Tenir la route ("Stay the course"). Artist: Not known. Location: the Marais, Paris 3ème.

Haven't received 'Broken Umbrellas'?

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Spoiler! The Thanksgiving 2022 poem: 'Broken Umbrellas'