Winter Bel writes literary fiction and poetry. Her upcoming debut novel is 'After The Angels'.

Writing tells me both where I'm going and where I've been. - Winter Bel

Born and raised in Britain, complicated and tanned by America, and now with one foot in France, Winter Bel is a multicontinental writer of literary fiction and poetry whose home is this conviction: words are the greatest alchemy we have.

In the beginning...

Winter Bel was born in rural England in the '80s, where "Channel 4" was still an edgy new development and the only place of commerce was a post office that smelled of beekeeping.

At 9 years old, Winter wrote her first novel, a multiracial gangster drama that was as full of shit as you might expect from a four-foot white chick writing with a sparkly biro. That was also the age at which Winter was first published, with her elementary-school poem about a lonely scarecrow printed in the town newspaper between roadwork announcements.

Winter wrote three more novels by the time she was 17, all of them now enjoying a cult following among the woodlice and gasoline fumes in her mother's garage.

Those early, grandiose works of a know-nothing angst ball did take Winter to Oxford University and London Film School, where she learned a lot about great writing. Her most important lesson: that writing is not an act of expression so much as of listening.

The upcoming works

After five years away from prose and poetry to focus on her parallel life as a screenwriter and filmmaker, Winter returned to literary writing in summer 2015. The 2020 pandemic afforded Winter the time to finish her debut novel After The Angels in 2021, with her poetry collection Passengers and short story collection 'Dallas Fireflies' to follow in year 2022 and beyond.

Life outside of writing

Winter Bel is a pseudonym. Under her primary alias 'Lexia Snowe', the same woman writes thriller fiction and screenplays, and makes films. You can read more about Lexia Snowe at LexiaSnowe.com 

Outside of writing, Winter is passionate about cycling, street and landscape photography, electronic dance music, US politics and law, the utilitarian beauty of the French language, and appreciating her amazing family.

Winter presently splits time between Paris and Los Angeles.

There is no photo here, because there is really no good reason for a writer to flog their own mugshot. So go ahead and suspect Winter spends so much time with words because she's an ugly munter. (If you're truly desperate to see Winter – hear her too! – knock yourself out with the video interviews for this year's Thanksgiving Card.)

Page last updated: September 14, 2020.