Line up the roads below the sun
And I shall walk them, every one,
If with those far-dusted steps I would prove
My heart from you had never moved.
- 'Apprentice' by Winter Bel

'Passengers' is a collection of poems about love.

'Passengers', a collection of 40 poems by Winter Bel, captures both the highs and the lows of matters of the heart, while ultimately celebrating the most universal of languages and the most necessary of adventures there is.

These are 'poems about love' and not always 'love poems', although Winter's early exposure to Byron and W.B. Yeats means readers of romantic disposition will not be disappointed. Often compared to song lyrics, Winter's poems are big on visual imagery, internal rhyme and character-defining flecks of detail. Her overarching ambition is to write poetry in language that anyone can understand even as it captures complex and nuanced experiences. (She expects that journey to be lifelong.)

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